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letting go to bring them back

Relationships shouldn’t be hard, but somehow they seem to be. It’s the digital age where you know for a fact everyone has their phone with them for the most part of the day. It takes a second to drop a … Continue reading

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Love doesn’t die. It has to be killed.

“Love doesn’t die a natural death. It has to be killed by neglect or narcissism.” Quite an intense quote isn’t it? Lately, past loves have been coming back into my life in one form or another. One of them came … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

How good it is to genuinely smile for the camera? This year has been one year of happiness, sadness, happiness, sadness. I fall in love, my heart breaks. I’m the happiest when I’m single! How good of a feeling is … Continue reading

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DIY Art Deco Poster

I am a believer in homemade gifts. I think they are special and with so many family and friends birthday’s and celebrations I attend here what do you buy people that have everything? Or perhaps you don’t have the budgets … Continue reading

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