Dermologica Facial Review 

I went to the actual Dermologica Clinic in Cambodia two years ago and then one year ago was a facial done here in Dubai. That’s the extent of my face care outside the products I use at home! I do look after my skin at home because how easy I suffer from acne and pigmentation, so always base up every day with a face sunscreen and face moisturizer but I thought the damage is already done as still suffer from pigmentation on my forehead and have bad skin every now and then from stress, bad eating, alcohol etc etc.

Tried and tested Dermologica Facial at Cut Above Salon Dubai: Yvonne was the skin expert who did my facial. She was so lovely and very professional and I was so surprised (pleasantly) to know she has been in the same salon since 1992!

Ok so dealing with an expert here not like other salons she also wasn’t pushy with me buying products, she genuinely wanted to fix my skin and speaking honestly said other then the pigmentation and the chin breakouts my skin was in good condition – phew.

Here is some pics before and after to see the difference and in two weeks will go back for a mini facial to see if it really has calmed down and over time Yvonne said the pigmentation can fade so will keep you  updated on the process.





Inflammation is gone and looks a lot fresher…  It was a nice treat for myself as it very relaxing and my face was congested so needed a deep cleanse.

I spend so much on beauty and hair why shouldn’t I on my face? It’s the one that needs to last the distance :p

This whole last week my face felt better even when I put on makeup which I do everyday. Will show next time the makeup look I’ve done to help cover the dark circles.

Deep Cleansing starting at 350aed

Mini Facial starting at 280aed

Cut Above Salon, Jumeirah Center, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai UAE T. 04 344 6444

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Makeup Correction – the base 

I’ve posted before how bad my skin gets, my new makeup mirror doesn’t do me any favors makeup free… Yikes


Forget pimples my real problem is inflammation dry scabs that I’ve picked the pimples… I also don’t like wearing a lot of makeup in the day in the heat. So base counts here’s what I did here.


after coverup

Cleanse and tone, Moisturizer then base with Benefit pore primer … It primes as well as silks over the scab parts. Then the red parts … I’ve shown before using the Napolean Colour corrector but you can use any brand Colour corrector. (Green for red marks)

Foundation HD Makeup Forever covers and I also use that brand in contour. MAC powder to set in the heat.

Quick day makeup covering up my horrible skin. Also first before and after using my new mirror!

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IKEA makeup vanity 

So excited after years as a makeup artist I have finally sorted out a vanity.
The whole thing cost me under 500aed from ikea:  

1.Small desk with drawer to keep all the makeup. 170aed 

2. mirror square (60cm same as the lights) 30aed

3.vanity lights – 3 strips , 60cm length (most expensive at 95aed a strip) 

The lights are the best for doing makeup. Will post after this before and after my first makeup look at the vanity. Unless you know an electrician then you do need someone to wire it for you, luckily that comes quite cheap in Dubai and I can dismantle it if I ever move. 

Happy IKEAing xxx 

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With the recent award win for Tribeca at the Timeout Food Awards (best bar food category) it’s time I posted this from my visit the other week of this amazing NYC kitchen and bar in the heart of JBR. 
I’ve been slow at writing the review as how can you write a review without good pictures of food? The reason being the place is so dark and cosy (old movies playing) none of my shots turned out or do the plates justice. 

This place is amazing – food especially. Organic is the menu theme which is quite unique in a bar and very affordable. All the items highlighted in green are organic.

 Two ways it could work – share lots of appetizers and snacks – think spicy prawns, brushetta or a main meals – pasta, grills, burgers. 
We tried the burger, spicy prawns, ravioli and gnocchi. 

delcious prawns

Wow! The burger was written in green on the menu therefore every item was organic and you could taste it.

And the dessert – chocolate molten cake, 40aed and worth every dirham. 

chocolate molten cake

Atmosphere: Jaws the movie was playing on the large screen in the dining area, DJ playing and a busy after work crowd at the bar area (it was Thursday) and eclectic art and furniture. I like the fact it was just all different groups and people enjoying their night. 

Funfilsdays: Wednesday is ladies night and happy hour every day.

Affordable yummy food, drinks and NYC vibe in the heart of JBR. I will be back. Tribeca Kitchen and Bar, JA Ocean View Hotel – JBR#TribecaDubai


every day everyday


me trying to be cool


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Dramatic purple makeup 

I tried something different for eyes this weekend, and placed the trend of eye liner going past the inner eye into a dramatic wing. Similar to cleopatra style.    Photo credit@ Pinterest, Cleopatra makeup. 

I just wanted a new dark look as it’s quite cold over here for Dubai. So did extra glam goth style and used purple on the whole lid blending it with black. I’m wary of using purple and black on my skintone, as it could sometimes look like a black eye! I’m not a fan of this lipstick choice in the photos but I was running late and couldn’t do the whole lip liner again.   

Details and photo of finished product below.

1) Black liquid eyeliner outer and inner eye and eyebrows: maybelline liquid black 

2) Eyeshadow: Sleek eyeshadow palette – matte purple, black for outer eye, white in inner eye

3) Face: Makeup Forever HD Foundation, contour kit 

4) Conceal and highlighting: maybelline fit concealer stick 

5) Blush: peechykeen by MAC 

6) Lips: heroine lip liner from MAC (would suggest to either go nude or dark purple) 

Photo credit @dubainight 

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DIY wedding gift under 100aed

Just wanted to share a quick DIY wedding gift that cost me under 90aed. 

My friend is getting married on the weekend and like most couples who have met in Dubai… They both are mixed nationality (French & Irish), they also have everything you can think of in their home. 

I was going back and forward what to do for them as I was going to buy an experience or weekend away but I think for a wedding gift it’s nice for something to keep forever.  i knew I wanted to do something that was a keepsake of the wedding day itself – perhaps playing on their initials and placing the map of their country in the relevant letter. 

I looked at the bookshops for buying a genuine map, it was all defeating the purpose of a budget DIY as each map was 40aed. 

Here is what I ended up doing: 

1) PowerPoint display of three heart shapes – a heart for France , Ireland and Dubai. 

2) Googled high resolution of map of each and inserted into the shape 

3) Printed at Desco for 10aed a sheet on thick white cardboard 

4) Framed it with a blue border and white frame for 75aed 

If I had more time I would have liked to do nice handwriting or calligraphy as the inscription at the bottom. This type of Gift could work for engagement, anniversary and depending on the couple – change the amount of hearts or maps. 

It’s so easy and so cute – most importantly it’s more thoughtful then going to the mall and finding something off a shelf. 

Something magical about mixing world maps with true love and wedding days 🌎💙

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2015 update… 

I’m back… Even though my last post was on sushi at JW Marriot (which I still go to at least once a month for sushi sundays as it is so delicious), I’ve not been inspired at all this year as I’ve had a bit of a rough patch.
You know those times when people say things to make you feel better like: “stay positive”.. “don’t worry things will look up”.. ” you are better off ” “someday you will look back and laugh”.. yes those people that are great to have around for their positivity but you really just want to punch them in the face. Because reality is you’re 31, jobless, broke, single, making toasted sandwiches on a Thursday night watching  ‘He’s just not that into you’ alone when 5 years ago you use to be popping bottles in clubs – and skinny(!) 

BTW isn’t it funny what “friends” you have when you have nothing to give except your time? 

This year without sounding dramatic, has honestly been one of the worst in my life. I really did hit rock bottom.
I recieved news last week my dad had a life threatening health scare and my friends around me have also had illnesses or accidents, humdilah everyone is safe and OK. It then occurred to me how much I let my situaton control my life this year. I am slowly getting things back together, and with the support of amazing friends and an amazing man in my life (more on that later), I’ve finally got the confidence to go directly towards my dreams. 

Life is too short to waste on making money for other people, working your guts on a job you do not love , surrounding yourself with people who don’t deserve your time or heart and letting any situation or person control your life.
Follow your dreams, live for today and tell the people who matter how much you love them.

Dubai, you have tried to break me – I’m a fighter, I will come back stronger and will always believe everything truly happens for a reason.  


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Sushi Sunday’s on a beer budget

Hello, as I am a major fan of sushi I could literally eat it every night, I’m always on the look out for deals here because for some reason it’s expensive in UAE compared to Australia.
It’s also difficult to come across high value sushi for a affordable price and then not feel full.
Sushi Sunday’s is back and better then ever at GQ Bar in the JW Marriott Marquis on Sheik Zayed Road.

The deal: 100aed per person for unlimited sushi selection or 150 for sushi, sashimi and nigiri selection
How it works: A platter is brought to your table with a yummy selection chosen from the chef, depending which ones you like you can order more of for your next round. Edamame and tempura vegetables are also brought out to snack on.

Make a reservation as the seafood is prepared fresh daily. I think for the price the sushi rolls are amazing so we opted for the 100aed package.
6pm – midnight every Sunday.
We arrived at 7pm and there were a few groups scattered around but no where near the crowd GQ use to attract. The staff are amazing and like the wonderful hostess said to me over a chat – who cares where you are if sushi is involved!

Love it – my new weekly dinner and drinks to beat the Sunday blues.

Reservations please call:
+9714 321 4541


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From Kite Beach to Kif Kif

I’ve had the pleasure of eating at this Newbie on Jumeirah Beach three times. Both times absolutely packed with lunch time eaters from work, passing by or walked over from the beach.
Moroccan Fast Food is their promise although there is nothing fast about it but the flavors, the meals, the portions are to die for.
Fresh juices – no soft drinks here, served in jam jars.
Moroccan tea served after your meal if you want.

The pictures are all instagram worthy, transporting you to a Moroccan street cafe.

And so affordable – 40aed chicken skewer platter that comes with Moroccan salad and fresh bread.
The chicken burger is on flat bread and the spices used could not be replicated at home – so yum.

Open from midday everyday, finally a fresh, yummy and affordable little street cafe.


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Makeup Organisation made affordable & Quirky

I live in a 3 bedroom villa in Dubai and even though space is no barrier, it’s more about choosing the right place to house my makeup. It’s gone from just a vanity in a spare room to now a full blown decorating project with the vision of a room turned into makeup studio. The function needs to be everyday makeup on myself, storage, Tutorials and most importantly – book clients! So stay tuned for more updates in this decorating process.

I wanted to share these bargain fun pineapple “pen holders” that I will be using for my brushes. They are from Typo and in the beautiful Tiffany blue colour palette it will add my fun touch to the room. The best part – only 12AED.

Typo is a the Australian gift/stationery store recently opened in the amazing Box Park in Dubai. If you spend enough time in there, they have so many quirky things for your home/office and in this case, the makeup studio.


Pineapples – 13AED from Typo

I want my space to be quite clean and bright but at the same time the quirky accessories that have a function.

There are lots of fun yet practical things you can use for makeup organisation. Fun bowls for ear buds and cotton wool, large silver trays for grouped together products –  eyes, face etc.  I use this little bowl that you can pickup in souvenir places for my ear buds.


Souvenir Bowls make a quirky Makeup Organisation

Really, anything goes! As long as it works for you and is practical for your kit of stuff.

I will share the finished product of the room in a couple of weeks.

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