fils & spills

What inspired me to start writing down about my life in Dubai were how many unique stories comes out of my friends, the places we visit and the parties we hold (all on a budget).

I’m now in my thirties, lived in Dubai for a decade with nothing to show for it except for the experience of living overseas and meeting new wonderful friends.

With all of that comes a price… the energy and time you invest in searching for your King… and perhaps leaving yourself to get stuck in the fast paced life of expat living and not living to your full potential.

Maybe he’s out there here in the Middle East, and maybe he’s not. But one thing I know after 3 years of ‘finding myself’ and being single, I have so much more to offer then I did 3 years ago. Yet here we are, creating chapters by chapters on the men I’ve met, come across, dated, slept with or worse given my heart to.

Dating in the Desert…. I couldn’t make this shit up.


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