about me

I am Australian with the love of travelling and discovering new countries. My background is all a bag of tricks with Bachelor of Business Advertising, Diploma in Media Makeup and at one point in my life an exhibited artist. I once worked two jobs in order to travel on a holiday to Dubai and since then I saved to move and start a new chapter of my life. Ten years later, I’ve moved houses 6 times, jobs 5 times, 4 cars, been penniless, heart broken and in debt up to my eyeballs.

I started this blog in a long term relationship about how to have fun on a budget. Now,  3 years on I will change the approach a little…  all my stories will now be as a singleton in her thirties ‘Dating in the Desert’.

I want to empower single women from across the globe by telling my stories and lessons learnt from dating in the desert and this crazy fast paced roller-coaster we call the Middle East.

My experiences will eventually go into a book to show women what not to do when looking for love. And for those ladies who’ve already found their forever one… have a read, laugh and be grateful you can’t relate. *Names have been changed.

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