I’ve been dating since I’m 15… I’m exhausted, where is he?

I’ve had the busiest end to 2018 I never made time to make any posts.

It’s good to be busy especially if it’s for yourself. But once you stop your body and mind kind of shuts down. Do you ever get that feeling? I just got back from a three week break and pretty much the entire holiday I was so sick and spent it in bed.

I’m just drained mentally and physically with saying goodbye to a very tough 2018.

2019 should be better though, as frankly it can’t get any worse. In terms of men, this is such a tough one which I’m just leaving up to the universe now. No dating apps, no chasing, no going out.

Have you ever seen the Sex & The City Episode where Charlotte gets so frustrated being single on the dating game as it’s just not her style:  “I’ve been dating since 15. I’m exhausted – WHERE IS HE?”

I felt like that within the last few months. There are always guys but no-one has been man enough to tell the world… she is mine, all mine – I love her, I support her, we have a 5 year plan, I don’t want to be with anyone else…. here is us posting annoying #couplegoals on Instagram.

There has been none of that. For very many years. And I’m tired now. I’m really tired of dating, entertaining people who do not make me a priority, spending energy, time, money on the wrong people. But most importantly I’m not at the right place in my life career wise and its making me disappointed.

I’m not saying I need a man to help me in that area, but it would be really nice to have some sort of moral support and someone who you can move forward with the same goals.

I’m a smart girl with so much passion for life and work and love. It would be nice to have someone to share it with. I think I wrote a little story on my Instagram how I wasn’t proud of how I treated a couple of guys last year. But if you really see no future with someone off the bat… then why force it? Why waste your time? I don’t want to say I ‘ghosted’ them but if you get a feeling something isn’t right, they just don’t do it for you, they’ve said something that annoyed you – any red flag within the first few dates. Seriously why would you waste your time. They can’t guilt me into feeling bad that I would end up going over to their place or seek out their approval. If you aren’t my boyfriend, if we clearly aren’t dating then sorry it won’t go further then this restaurant.

So going forward, where is the man who DOES see a future or at least brings something to the table for the short term to enjoy and move forward together?

If you don’t have anything to bring to the table, I know what I bring to the table, and I’m definitely not afraid to eat alone – But I am getting real tired of cooking, cleaning and preparing alone.

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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