Wait for the one 

After my life turning in a different direction this year, I’ve been looking at life and relationships differently.

I’ve been thanking my lucky stars for never settling down when I was given a chance. If I did, I would have had 5 kids in a small town, never travelled and probably 10 years in have felt suffocated, maybe cheated or fell into depression. Why? Because that high school sweetheart boyfriend was not for me. I would have been settling, not just with him but with life. I wanted to travel the world and he didn’t, I wanted to be successful and he was content in just doing the minimum. It would have been a disaster but a lot of people would have stayed out of fear of loneliness or content with the familiar.

Some people settle down long before we meet the people we are suppose to love.

I dated someone in Dubai who ticked all boxes: he was cute, smart, amazing job, had big life plans, no children, wanted children, had a car and house, close to his family, actually good in bed, was affectionate and sweet and wanted to get married and soon.  What was the issue? He was boring. He never made any plans or took initiative. His messages were the same boring greetings “good morning” “😘”

Wtf? Make an effort, plan a date, come pick me up and go somewhere. His schedule was different to mine but mine was pretty routine. If he wanted to create some fun we could have but it was just no passion or chemistry so I definitely didnt try either.

And here’s the thing, if there’s a connection and passion, I would settle with the fact he’s not good at making plans and small talk over the phone. But I just don’t see myself with him even though if I settled down with him I would be set for life. On the outside we would have a life most people would envy, but on the inside I would be always thinking that there is more out there.

Stay single with high standards then being in a relationship and settling for less.


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About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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6 Responses to Wait for the one 

  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Life beings at the end of your comfort zone 💗😘

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  2. hellolauren528 says:

    I dated one like that who would tell me good morning and to have a good day every day before he went to work. I loved it… For a few weeks. Then, I realized the rest of our conversation lacked substance and I rarely could get him to call me. Passion is so, so important. I love him and he made me happy, but he wasn’t the one.

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    • I know, I sounded shallow by saying it like this but really without passion it’s not going to work. I found myself ignoring his texts – when I have someone who sparks passion in me my heart jumps when I get a text. Not from him though.


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  4. srijan says:

    You’re pretty! So, did you find him yet?


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