Fake it till you make it, or fake it till you get her. 

I cringe as I write this disaster date story. I’ve put it out of my memory. My friend will know when she read’s it – we called him the ‘glasses guy’. It went on for weeks after the date and she’d say: what – he still not picked up his glasses?!

Living in Dubai you get the show offs, some of them actually do have a reason to show off and some want so desperately just to look rich. This guy was such a try hard, full of complete shit. I was fooled at the beginning and believed the bullshit he was feeding me as it was over whatsap. It’s only by going on a date with these type of conartists you come to know.

Saying that, a girlfriend of mine was eyeing off an arab guy in the cafe last week. The guy looked broke I said why you looking at him?  She said it’s always the simple dressed guys wearing no labels that have the most money. Watch and take note: New Balance shoes, fitbit watch, comfortable car – this guy has money. I looked at her with disbelief, no way girl. She said he does, look at the other arab girls behind him. They too were obviously educated by this theory as they were all trying to flirt with him and get his attention. Two words that have me running: New Balance. I don’t get it but then again it’s probably the reason I end up with broke guys. People with money don’t need people to think they have money – they have money.


Glasses guy fooled me at the start because he was not only a show off, he was a bull shitter. It was just lie after lie with the sole purpose to first get me on a date, show off then ultimately get me home. The ultimate full of shit Dubai Kid.

I met him in a club. I was there with my girlfriends at our own table and he had the table next to us. He had older crowd with him and they were ordering nice drinks, he was dressed well in a good suit and seemed like he was there with business. Anyway I started chatting, we exchanged numbers, Instagram after a few days and so flowed the next few weeks getting to know each other over messaging. After stalking his profile I was also under the impression this guy was in a good position at work, liked to party, could dress well i.e was successful and everything he was telling me was adding up. Ah Instagram…. how you build up a fake expectation of our lives.

The guy was not cute, he’d be pushing to be a 2 at best. He was tall and it’s funny how a below average guy suddenly goes from a 2 to a 8 with an expensive suit, shoes, glasses, nice haircut and custom made limited edition car. Okay now I sound like a gold digger but this aside, we did have good chat, he seemed passionate about his “very important” company, seemed to like to party and had nice family values.

So with that said, I gave him a chance and on a date I went. Plans changed at the last second and I was squeezed out of getting picked up to go to his event, to coming to him for pre-drinks. I don’t know how I let this happen but I turn up to his ‘cousins’ shitty ass apartment. Red Flag for his bullshit  “I’m in between places at the moment, currently looking for villas on the Palm” (no your not buddy but anyway). I bring my own drinks and I drive there. Damn it, I’m already down by time, effort and alcohol so far.

We go to the first stop: Dinner at non-licensed restaurant that is apart of ‘his’ companies portfolio. He’s hosting the DJ who will be playing at the club that night. Get there and in walks all his loser leeches of friends, wannabe entourage for the free dinner. They were so cocky like him anyone watching would think we were Drakes entourage. Great. Two hours sober with the wannabes. Exactly what I want on my day off. I realized fast he was all for show when he turned to me and asked for a kiss. Yuck. In front of everyone at the table… no thanks mate, still too sober to even pretend I’m your girlfriend shit. And so far this far from a date.

The car he’s claiming as his: is his bosses or companies, or whatever but it’s not his (1 million USD price point). One of the companies they own is custom car buying and selling, I realized this when they were making the poor DJ take pictures with all the cars out the front of the restaurant for promotion. *cringe

Second stop: The club. I love to party and like I said, I met him at a club so now the whole charade has unraveled. Bullshitter red flag 3:  As a promoter of the club or entertainer you obviously get a VIP table as apart of the deal. So what I believed was his table that day in Armani, was actually a promoters table. What table did we have now? – a promoters table. What does that include? Pretty much whatever they feel like giving you. Shitty drinks accompanied with the big crowd of his wannabe friends all pretending they were popping champagne like we are at Diddy’s party. It was a disaster. Like the car he claimed was his: the table, the restaurant, the business, all NOT his.

The game of bullshit was over and I needed a way out and fast… thankfully my friends turned up, pretending to party with me then making an excuse so we could leave.

We had a drink together, I packed my shit and left. Told him my friends are going to drop me home cause I’m not feeling well. He literally ran out after me, begging me to stay. Of course he was – there was no girls at your table, only one prostitute and the poor DJ girl. He already had a big ego, and me being by his side in front of his lame ass friends added to this fake game I wanted no part of. My friends dragged me away and off we go.

I go to the party with my friends, have such a good time – get a call from a number I don’t know at around 5am. And it’s him again – realizing I’m not at home he proceeds to send me all these horrible messages how I lied to him, he told his cousin I would be staying there tonight (yuck so his intentions were I was going home with him) and just left after everything. I’m guessing the call at 5am was one last attempt to pick me up and take me home. Vomit.

The next day, he’s expecting me to apologize. I don’t. So he says “my glasses are in your bag can you please drop them to me, I can’t see without them”. Damn it – he must have put them in my bag at the club. “You can pick them up from my reception at home today or work tomorrow.” He’s the one with the million dollar car right?

Days go past, he tries another way: I was upset you just left and lied and went to a party instead of ending the night with me but anyway can I make it up to you and buy you a gift or take you for dinner.

Me: Make up for what? We had a good time, I said thanks for the evening and I left. Sorry if you expected something else but just because you buy me dinner or a drink out doesn’t give you the right to assume we ending the night together. I only came to that club because you insisted it was apart of the date. In the end it was nothing but a promoters table and showing off with your friends. You were going if I was there or not, your company paid if I was there or not. I’m not like other girls here –  none of this impresses me. Misleading girls to think you are a CEO of this big company with all these connections don’t work on me. Lies don’t work on me. I can’t believe I even believed you enough to waste the few hours I did. Now pick up your glasses.

Another week, no glasses. Reception calls me at work and says we can’t keep them here anymore. I say to him, listen you want these glasses or not – I will put in Uber now. Him apologizing, some excuse about not having a car right now, offering a second chance dinner AGAIN. Me: It’s done now so just send me your location. Ah what a surprise, the location is the same shitty ass apartment that was his ‘cousins’. In between places my ass.

As my friend said – if he was such a big shot, the glasses could be easily replaced.

ACTIONS OVER WORDS. This guy’s fraud like ‘rich kid’ persona was an epic fail on me. You are BROKE. Joke broke. All that aside, if he dropped all the bullshit, and was just real, then he was actually an OK guy. There are other ways to impress a girl without the fakeness and misleading information. The whole night was such a put off and waste of time, makeup, outfit  –  3 hours of my life on bullshit adventure that I can never get back.

Glasses guy date cost: 0 | Kate cost: 200AED (BYO drinks, Taxi for return of glasses)
Talking about faking it.. another look with my Faux Fillers trick with lips.

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A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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