21 Questions to kill a date 

50 cent  “are you mad because I’m asking 21 questions?”

Well yes I am. Since when is a date an interview? I might go both ways but nothing feels worse then being under the fire of questions. There’s a difference between asking questions within the conversation and just bombarding the person with interview style questions.


I always consider myself a good story teller and a good listener, my questions ONLY come out if the guy asks me similar as I don’t want to overstep. I feel like by telling a story you can get the person to share a similar one or at least the conversation will flow from that.

I remember this one disaster date (it wasn’t suppose to be a date but I figured out half way through and his style of questions that he thought it was) where he bombarded me with so many questions I thought I was at an interview or a dating gameshow.

For the basic questions, I tried to turn the attention to him by replying with “what about you?”. For example, where do you work, what about your business on the side, your age, where does your family live etc.

He refused to answer all my questions. And the ones he did answer were one word. I really began to feel annoyed. Who literally shakes their head and refuses to answer?

By the time we had reached his friends place who was getting ready to appear in a red carpet, I was so utterly annoyed. This guy refused to give me any information in return and now I was in a room with a bunch of entertainment wannabes with a couple of girls who were way too excited about a basic red carpet. It was cringing, so I did what anyone would do in that situation, I disconnected and went on my phone.

Situation got even worse, he whatsapped me from across the room “be free”. Ah what? These are people I don’t care about, now with you who’s annoyed me for over an hour and now you giving me attitude for not talking shit with these losers. He even asked out of nowhere “you speak Arabic?!”. Then I realized it was because an email I was forwarding to work had Arabic in the subject. This fool was reading my screen!

Then when waiting for the film to start, he’s throwing even more questions. I said listen I’m not answering shit until you give me some basic information, your age, what your doing for a living and why, I’m not asking anything that can’t be seen from your public profile. It’s not fair you’ve found out about me from asking questions and I’ve got nothing from you. To be fair he wasn’t that great of a catch to make up for the lack of information or conversation so it really did annoy me.

The drive home was silent, because I refused to talk anymore. By the time I was close from home I hated this guy and hated myself for wasting again my makeup and outfit.

Minutes from home the questions started again, asking me about more details on an ex who was same nationality than him. (Of course I didn’t give this info, it was after previous interrogating he figured it out).

So I thought in my head, to shut this guy up I’m going to answer all his questions he will never message me again. Turned out he knew or heard of my ex, and from the look on his face realized he was nowhere near in his league, started to throw even more questions at me at the same time trying to discredit him. DO YOU STILL LOVE HIM?

Me: yes, I loved him with all my heart, our connection is out of this world. Goodnight thanks for the evening – next time don’t ask women questions you don’t want the answer to.

I get a message in the evening: I’m home, I don’t know why you didn’t want to kiss me, good luck with your ex.

I don’t reply. Next day: I’m 34 if you really want to know.

Me: left message on read. Yuck. This was one “interview” that I was clearly over qualified for.

Dress: Fashionnova

Eyes: HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Palette

Skin: HudaBeauty & Fenty

Lips: Sportsgirl

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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