How to catch a Catfish

So I caught my first ever live catfish awhile ago. This article is about: How to not waste more then 30 minutes of your energy if you have doubts at all you are being catfished.

I’m not new to Tinder and let’s just say Tinder in Dubai is so hard to find anyone you even willing to press on, you’d have better luck finding a cool mil from Escobar’s hidden stash then you would to get a decent man from Dubai Tinder. That’s an article for another time.

On my Tinder profile, I’m pretty straight up and real what I want. Guys tell me here in Dubai 99% of girls on there are hookers (hey least they can put Social Media expert up on their LinkedIn Profile) so I want to be obvious I’m not a hooker and got my own life going on. I also link to my Instagram on there to authenticate myself. I do look different in so many photos so I try to downplay that before meeting anyone to just make sure they don’t have high expectations – I’m just really photogenic (well I am). And I am a makeup artist so yes the photos look different every time. And I know my angles (well, I’m a girl duh).

Here is me in a totally different look to my day to day – full curls and makeup. And, well you guys have seen me without makeup so you get why men are dubious when they meet me after seeing so many different looks.

IMG_5657 (1)_edited

Small curling wand to create messy curls

So I tend to do my research pretty quick when I come across a guy’s profile that catches my eye – In Dubai this is rare. If his looks, job or personality is too good to be true, then most likely he is.

Take my Catfish – Pete from London.

Pete was in town on important property project at The Atlantis (ok this story added up). Pete was Jamaican but British born and bred (this added up as well as he knew way to much about his Jamaican heritage). Very quickly we moved off Tinder onto Whatsap and his profile photo was of a boring landscape (first red flag but it can pass).  As soon as he got my Whatsap he removed me from Tinder (another red flag). I was too quick for him on this one though and had already took a screenshot of his profile before he deleted me.

The week went on and we began talking more and more… getting to know each other daily through voice notes, messages, skype to then adding on Instagram and Snap (all of it!). So many red flags here though I will explain below.

We once spoke on the phone for over an hour. After that phone call, I realized this guy was way too good to be true:  Smart, successful, wealthy, sexy, fit, well traveled, chasing after me, caring, thoughtful, ambitious, my age, good star sign, sending memes, never been married, no kids.

I asked for pictures: He said “yeah well i dropped my phone remember so i have to get home and find some, maybe I will send one from when I was in Jamaica”. *He sent another a few hours later.

I got off the phone from him and started asking some basic questions about his instagram, snap etc and my gut feeling was – he’s not who he saying he is.

Speaking to my best friend about our long conversation we had and how lovely he is, she said: just google image search him like Niev does on Catfish. And there we go…. BOOM! Say hello to Dexter Strickland of North Carolina Basketball Team…

Image result for basketball dexter strickland

Dexter Strickland NOT Pete from London

Damn I felt like a fool. But worse… spent at least a week of energy, time and getting to know someone that was CATFISHING me!

I messaged him straight away…. “Why are you catfishing me Pete? Time to fess up”.

Nothing. No answer, no explanation, nothing. To this day, I will never get my truth with that one. It’s never been about looks with me so I wish he just came clean or gave me something so I could have made my own decision up. Not just ignore me. I felt violated that someone knew so much about me yet I knew nothing about them.  Creepy feeling… anyway so here is some basic signs you can look out for, or save yourself a whole lot of time and just google image search from the beginning (trust your instinct)!

  • Add him on whatsap and see the picture (ask him for his number first)
  • Open your snap to ‘quick adds’ and see what name comes up as his Snap, before he tells you a fake account to add
  • Take screen shot of your tinder match (this is good to do anyway to remember basic info)
  • Instagram or no Instagram (I’ve got so many instagram stories that’s for next time)
  • Ask for a picture and see how long he takes to send it
  • Skype with video (applies only if he’s long distance)

Can the real Dexter Strickland please stand up? No seriously… where is this guy at.





About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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