Continuous Change

The best thing about makeup is you can always change…your look, your face – hell girls are walking around the middle east all looking like a different person of themselves but all morphing into the damn same. Their idols are arabic makeup bloggers and The Kardashians – and they are a copy/paste of these women. It’s really rare to find a girl that is all natural, or unheard of – no makeup!

As you can see from my new photos compared to the old me –  the last year I’ve gone through a lot of change.

My makeup is different. I’ve lost weight. My hair is lighter and longer. I got myself a personal trainer (best money ever spent actually) and built my booty into what now is ‘in’ for girls to have. I’m curvy – but in the right places and I’ve got new found attention… which is why I come to the change in this blog… yes I’m still going to do my makeup looks, and where I recommend to go out and about in an evening. But this time things are going to get a little raw – I’m going to write about dating in Dubai. How I met them, what happened and the lesson I learnt from each.

October was a really hard month for me so I’m going to start with this. I felt like these guys were running around playing trick or treat on me from October 1st.

Within a period of one month:

  • Fell for what would be the man of my dreams only to find out later he was married with kids
  • Had my heart broken by a guy I was flying to see on the regular, even considering introducing him to my family
  • Sabotaged a relationship I was trying to start by a series of bad choices on my part
  • Had started a deep emotional connection with a…yes you guessed it – Married Guy
  • Catfished big time by a guy from London
  • Had a sweet guy was dating for awhile go MIA on me
  • Old flames, exes, random guys never even been with start popping up out of the blue (with my theory of Winter Thirst, but that’s another story)

The easiest story to start off my new found blog genre is the Catfish story. How to spot one, how to avoid it and stop wasting your time early on. So that is for tomorrow.

For today, here is my new makeup look that I tend to stick with most days as a quick and easy look:


Eyes: Lashes, black eyeliner Maybelline

Lips: ‘Barely There’ by Sleek and brown liner by Primark or any drugstore brand

Face: M.A.C Foundation & Blush, Makeup Forever Contour


About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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