Raising the Bar on EYEBROWS

I love my eyebrows and one thing as a makeup artist is I always look at girls eyebrows, the wonderful thing is you can fake them to you make them – I think a lot easier then contouring to “hide” things, eyebrows you just play draw them in.
Check out before photo, still in great shape the eyebrows lack the thickness and one thing I will never have is eyebrow line all the way down to the edge:


no makeup



Starting the skin routine

For eyebrows if you starting out basic makeup just fill in what you already have with an angle eyeliner brush. Don’t go outside the lines just fill in the brow and only go outside the lines when you need to make sure the eyebrow is in angle with end of your eye like this:


Hold your finger or a brush to give you the end of where your eyebrow line should finish.

Products: here is also a tip that no makeup brand would want you to do: you can use your eyeshadow for your eyebrow.. No need to buy eyebrow only liner or pencil, what ever you use in your makeup bag can double up for your eyebrows, for instance I use MAC  black eyeshadow here for my brows. For clients with brown brows or light brows I even use my contour powder kit…

out for the night

Start practicing happy brow-ing xxx



About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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