Makeup Correction – the base 

I’ve posted before how bad my skin gets, my new makeup mirror doesn’t do me any favors makeup free… Yikes


Forget pimples my real problem is inflammation dry scabs that I’ve picked the pimples… I also don’t like wearing a lot of makeup in the day in the heat. So base counts here’s what I did here.


after coverup

Cleanse and tone, Moisturizer then base with Benefit pore primer … It primes as well as silks over the scab parts. Then the red parts … I’ve shown before using the Napolean Colour corrector but you can use any brand Colour corrector. (Green for red marks)

Foundation HD Makeup Forever covers and I also use that brand in contour. MAC powder to set in the heat.

Quick day makeup covering up my horrible skin. Also first before and after using my new mirror!

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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1 Response to Makeup Correction – the base 

  1. avonbeautybagwithkat says:

    My rear view mirror is my worst ememy. You look great by the way!


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