Dramatic purple makeup 

I tried something different for eyes this weekend, and placed the trend of eye liner going past the inner eye into a dramatic wing. Similar to cleopatra style.    Photo credit@ Pinterest, Cleopatra makeup. 

I just wanted a new dark look as it’s quite cold over here for Dubai. So did extra glam goth style and used purple on the whole lid blending it with black. I’m wary of using purple and black on my skintone, as it could sometimes look like a black eye! I’m not a fan of this lipstick choice in the photos but I was running late and couldn’t do the whole lip liner again.   

Details and photo of finished product below.

1) Black liquid eyeliner outer and inner eye and eyebrows: maybelline liquid black 

2) Eyeshadow: Sleek eyeshadow palette – matte purple, black for outer eye, white in inner eye

3) Face: Makeup Forever HD Foundation, contour kit 

4) Conceal and highlighting: maybelline fit concealer stick 

5) Blush: peechykeen by MAC 

6) Lips: heroine lip liner from MAC (would suggest to either go nude or dark purple) 

Photo credit @dubainight 

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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