Makeup Organisation made affordable & Quirky

I live in a 3 bedroom villa in Dubai and even though space is no barrier, it’s more about choosing the right place to house my makeup. It’s gone from just a vanity in a spare room to now a full blown decorating project with the vision of a room turned into makeup studio. The function needs to be everyday makeup on myself, storage, Tutorials and most importantly – book clients! So stay tuned for more updates in this decorating process.

I wanted to share these bargain fun pineapple “pen holders” that I will be using for my brushes. They are from Typo and in the beautiful Tiffany blue colour palette it will add my fun touch to the room. The best part – only 12AED.

Typo is a the Australian gift/stationery store recently opened in the amazing Box Park in Dubai. If you spend enough time in there, they have so many quirky things for your home/office and in this case, the makeup studio.


Pineapples – 13AED from Typo

I want my space to be quite clean and bright but at the same time the quirky accessories that have a function.

There are lots of fun yet practical things you can use for makeup organisation. Fun bowls for ear buds and cotton wool, large silver trays for grouped together products –  eyes, face etc.  I use this little bowl that you can pickup in souvenir places for my ear buds.


Souvenir Bowls make a quirky Makeup Organisation

Really, anything goes! As long as it works for you and is practical for your kit of stuff.

I will share the finished product of the room in a couple of weeks.

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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