DIY Instagram art

It’s January and we are all poor! I want to share a quick DIY gift I made for my sister which if you are on a budget is a thoughtful and unique gift.

Instagram photo canvas for under 150aed.


I originally thought of this whole Instagram canvas idea for her birthday as she had travelled a 8 month stint around South America .. (If you are a travel lover you can follow her blog here )

I found a lot of apps that do this whole process for you and print on a canvas and deliver to your door – but it’s very expensive and it has to be from your account.. So if it’s for a gift it’s useless.
Ok quick instructions that anyone can do:
1) screenshot each picture from the Instagram account you want to showcase
2) once you have a number of pics for your canvas open PowerPoint and create lines horizontal and vertical evenly in order to create boxes … Place the lines over the page as we need to go back and delete later
3) insert the pics in each box and size up if need be
4) delete the lines
5) save as PDF
6) send to a digital printer such as desco and print on canvas or paper to your size – this canvas in the printer is 120aed.
It takes time, but it’s super cheap and so thoughtful. It’s even nice as a year in focus gift for yourself or a friend who has a business , any special occasion… Anything your inspired to do- be creative.
There you have it – styling a unique gift on a budget.

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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