Handmade Happiness

Happy holidays with these handmade happiness accessories!
I’ve realized most of my Instagram posts are wearing this clutch from Stash (it goes with mostly everything!) however I’ve never wrote exclusively on this Dubai designer.


Stash is Serbian born designer and the only way to explain her creations are exactly as her tag line: handmade happiness. From clutches to bangles and smaller accessories these are all perfect for stocking fillers over Christmas. I bought my sister the Cuban bag for Christmas. Stash now has 20per cent off this and other pieces.

What first drew me to the brand in the first place was seeing her stall at a Bang Bang event (Facebook: BangBang Dubai) with the interesting range of comic style pieces that perfectly answer my pop art addiction (see my paintings in my house!).


I love unique and affordable fashion and this comic clutch is literally wearable art. And for a price under 400aed for a handmade / unique piece it’s perfect statement accessory for yourself or a friend.
Follow Stash to find out where you can buy her stuff – usually at Ripe market or the Al Quoz popup stores. She’s mentioned a new range of designs are coming out in the new year..
Facebook: Stash.Dubai
Instagram: stash_dubai
Email: hello@stash.ae


About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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