OPA! 10 ways to throw a Toga Party

This has to be one of my favourite posts as anyone who knows me knows I love:
1) Hosting Parties
2) Themes
3) Dress ups

I came up with Toga theme for my house warming because everyone can get into the theme and it is overall quite DIY and affordable to pull off. It’s not difficult for your guests to participate. The theme is so versatile it’s open for all things Greek, Roman and Toga! Here’s my top 10 secrets and everything you need to pull off the best Toga Party for your next birthday, house party or even upcoming – NYE.

1) Decor
Decor is so important as you need to transport your guests to ancient times. You will need:
– White material draped everywhere
– Candles (Ikea)
– Fake leaves and greenery (from Satwa stores)
– Signs (I printed out individual letters on A4 , cut them and strung them like a garland).


Cheap table decor – greenery and candles


Making the most of props and photo booth!

2) Photo Booth

–  This is a white curtain on a rod, put in the corner, using the signs I made from above


DIY Toga Photo Booth

 3) Photo Props

Using the decor from above mix with fun things like grapes, leaves, swords – sky is the limit. Check my post here on more ideas for DIY photo props.


4) Food
I ordered large Vine Leaves and meat dish from Rania’s Kitchen in Dubai – homemade amazingness. Luckily being in UAE we have access to all things Mediterranean with most arabic restaurants catering for large amount of platters – think greek salads, hummus, breads, cheese platter etc. I also had a Shawarma man from Eat&Drink at 900AED for 100 sandwiches, he was there all night to serve guests. I renamed the station – Gryos Station for the greek vibe.

5) Drinks 

– Make a sangria punch as its nice for display at very Roman with all the fruits.

– I also had an ‘Ouzo’ Shot station. Each guest who did not come in Toga had to take a shot.


Ouzo Shot Station

5) Entertainment 

My wonderful friend did all the music from my computer through some great speakers. It is a must for the first half of the party, especially when everyone is arriving to play Greek music to set the vibe.

6) Games

The Greek Mythology Quiz was so easy and so much fun! Make a board of pictures of Greek Gods. Print off entry forms with the answers that correspond to each picture on the board. Get people to write their name and put it in a bowl.

Greek Gods Quiz

Greek Gods Quiz

7) Competitions 

I did mostly photo competitions, creating a hashtag and getting people to post to their photos, where I could easily judge at the end of the night. Best Dressed, Best DIY outfit, Most posts to Instagram, Best use of Props etc.

8) Prizes

Make the prizes related to all things Roman and Greek. I gave away cheap DVDS of films like Troy, Gladiator, Titans etc.

9) Zorba the Greek – Dancing 

This is the best song to start playing in the middle of the party, grab everyone in a circle and let the dancing begin! This would have been the highlight of the party for me.


10) Toga Outfits

Lucky last and the most important – the outfits! Toga outfit is so easy and so cheap, no need for stressing on how to pull it off or buying from the party shop.

Girls: Can get away with a white dress or get creative and do your own with some material, beautiful head piece – you are done.

Guys:  Carrefour has a dish dash, get a piece of blue material and place it across – a leaf crown added on your head. Toga – done!


The guys in their toga


Pretty gold headbands and a white dress – done!

You will always get one or two people who turn up in plain clothes – to stop this, have a box ready for DIY toga outfit. No outfit – no entry. And don’t forget the penalty shot for anyone who “forgot” their outfit.

The best party I’ve had for a long time, and it’s so easy and so fun.


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