DIY Halloween Costumes & Makeup

Halloween is here.. although I love dressing up in themes, Halloween is huge here in Dubai and with that can come expensive events to attend and expensive outfits.

Here are my looks from 2013’s parties.


DIY Halloween Look

DIY Halloween Look

For both looks I wore my own clothes from my wardrobe teamed with accessories and really the costume was all about the makeup.

This one got me the most attention as it was a little more creative then Day of the Dead. I used shading effects on the black ‘pins’ to really make it look like a mask.


1) White out your face with face paint around the main features, leaving an uneven shape as you are wearing a mask that is pulling.
2) Take black eye pencil and create squares of pins in the areas that are higher then the rest of the face. Shade these pins to create a 3D look.
3) With the same pencil, dramatically drawn in your eyebrows
4) Place powder over your whole face to set.
5) Pink blush in circle of your cheeks.
6) Pink lip pencil out the inside of your lips only
7) Fake lashes on top and bottom of your lids

That’s it – a 20minute costume put together…

Trick or Treat for Friday and budget DIY costume here we go!

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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1 Response to DIY Halloween Costumes & Makeup

  1. isabella says:

    Great ideas! I am inspired. 🙂


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