Fire up a Friday at Fume

Has everyone tried this place? Pier 7’s must visit weekend venue.

I love it, but just giving quick advice of what to order and what not.

Describing themselves as ‘neighbourhood eatery’ you get that feeling from the super friendly and laid back staff. Some were a little laid back when it came to getting our drinks sorted.

Loveeee the decor. Urban, rustic “warehouse” feel they’ve done everything right here except the chairs… chairs are so uncomfy don’t expect to sit down for a long lunch.

Bright and airy with a separate ‘smoking’ bar (the whole restaurant is very family friendly).

Now what to order and what not. Fume (meaning smoked) is coming across as a jack of all trades from the menu. Are they are urban seafood? Are they gastro-pub? Are they american soul food? Neighbourhood cafe?

What they do well is the seafood which is honestly why I would be returning. My friends and I shared mostly everything we had the whole fish, triple fried chips, meatballs, prawns, crab cakes and for dessert “fume’s snickers bar’.

Seafood was great, meatballs weren’t what I was expecting and the chips didn’t taste any different to normal chips.

Prawnssss so good IMG_2506 photo[1]

Fume – I will definitely be returning, love the decor, love the entire experience. I would just be sticking to what they do best – seafood. And if they could add for the alcohol drinkers ‘jugs’ of cocktails to save on waiting time for the wonderful mojitos to be made. 🙂

Funfilsdays Tips:
1) They don’t take reservations so be prepared.
2) Charge your phone because the pics are instagram worthy.
3) Order your drinks before they finish 🙂

P.S Isn’t Natalia’s shirt amazing, it’s her own design @shoestovainstyle

About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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