Summer Slip Slop Slap Styles

Low maintenance…low cost..high impact…summer packing list.

For all of you living under a rock… It’s SUMMER! 43C full of hot hot summer as it said in my car at 10am this morning.

I can’t wait to travel this Eid and already shopping around for the little essentials to pack.

You may have heard it 100 times before, but I thought I should share my top 5 packing list for a low maintenance summer style – essential for those “beach – let’s make everyone of my friends jealous on Instagram & Facebook – selfies”.

1) Nails
Here is your excuse for mani a pedi. Gelish can last up to 3 weeks and throughout your vacation is a perfect low cost, low maintenance accessory for all those cocktail holding shots.

Matte Pink Gelish @ Robert Alexander Salon

Matte Pink Gelish @ Robert Alexander Salon

This photo is of my friend Katie wearing the new Matte Gelish range available at Robert Salon in Tecom.
What says summer colours like a splash of pink?
Phone: 04 439 3537

2) Hair & Headbands
The easiest way to at least look stylish when the sweat is pouring off your face – is headbands – slapped onto hair top nots, twists and pinups. Anything you can do to get your hair off your face – then by adding a headband or hair piece can instantly add a little effortless fashionista. Don’t wear too much makeup or you will just look like you are trying too hard.

My friend Katie wearing hair and headpiece - perfect for summer.

My friend Katie wearing easy hair and headpiece – perfect for summer.

I came across Kazaar Designs that sells at Wafi Bazzar and through orders on Whatsapp with free delivery in Dubai.
Checkout their Instagram account on details for the current Ramadan sale – headpieces for 45AED! @kazaardesigns

3) Sunglasses
Leave your designer sunnies at home. The amount of times I’ve lost my expensive sunglasses diving in the ocean, left behind in taxis, restaurants – you name it.
I’ve mentioned this before on Instagram, Quay Australia are my favorite brand of sunnies available in Dubai at WestLa. Ranging from 100-120AED maximum, they have the quality and style factor – without the price tag. Use these as your main sunnies and stock up on cheap and cheerful for the swimming days like pairs from Forever21 (20-30AED). Plus it’s a good way to change up your look daily depending on your outfit.

Natalia & Myself in middle and right wearing Quay Sunglasses.

Natalia & Myself in middle and right wearing Quay Sunglasses.


My wish list for summer - Quay Sunglasses online at WestLa.

My wish list for summer – Quay Sunglasses online at WestLa.

Shop online:

4) Cover-ups
Regardless of your size, a cover-up Kaftan can add instant glam. I wear them because not only do I not want to get burnt (this has ruined numerous holidays for me before), I’m also a little conscious of my curves at the beach or by the pool. I wear my Charlize one as a cover-up but also over a tight dress for lunch. Charlize is an affordable Australian designer with Kimono style, light and fresh fabrics.
Here is a picture of my sister wearing a Charlize design – mid size for a dinner out on holiday (I actually did their makeup also).

Bora Bora Style on a budget :)

Bora Bora Style on a budget 🙂

I’m in love with the ‘Charlize’ collection, available online – this Kaftan is on sale for $55.
Worldwide Delivery – $20 flat rate

Another summer tip: It’s winter in Australia, so we can take advantage of all summer stock on sale across the brands and pickup a bargain for our summer wearing essentials!

5) Makeup & Skin
I’m a trained makeup artist, but you wouldn’t get that from this blog. I just think, how many more articles and reviews do we need, it’s a little overwhelming. Saying that I don’t think you need a tutorial or review on my summer favorites, here is just simply, what I wear everyday at the beach and why.

It’s so important to not burn your skin, sunbake all you want but protect your face and your skin. My face is full of pimples, blemishes, and uneven skin tone – on top of that I’m pale and burn easy.
I use for everyday in the sun or on holidays – Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. It has SPF 25.
This to me isn’t the best cover-up makeup (i.e I wouldn’t use for evening makeup) but after a small amount you can even out your skin and at least protect it from the sun. To not have to apply it over and over, Benefit’s Stay Flawless Primer is one of the best primers. Both are affordable – 120-150AED in Sephora.

Lips: Don’t just put any lip balm or lip-gloss on – if it has only a little oil, it will completely burn your lips.
I use Mac Lip Conditioner – SPF15 in Fuchsia. There are so many lip conditioners on the market, but this pot lasts me so far for over a year and it’s like you are wearing lip-gloss.

Protect and glam up your lips this summer

Protect and glam up your lips this summer

I’m wearing all products in this photo, complete with a head piece to hide crazy beach hair:

Benefit Foundation and Mac Lip Conditioner

Benefit Foundation and Mac Lip Conditioner

So recap summer essentials:
Low Maintenance – Hair, Makeup, Nails, Cover-Ups & Sunglasses

Happy beach selfies wherever you end up holidaying this summer or Eid.

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A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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