Sunday Styling with Shoestova

Dive In Pink Divas!

A collaboration that was destined to be. Katya Kovtunovich – a Dubai based head turning fashion designer started making clothes for her Barbie Doll at age 7… fast forward to 2014, Katya has collaborated with Natalia – a real life doll to design and create this amazing dive-in pink, chic and modern ‘scuba’ dress.

Natalia has been wearing Katya’s dresses for some time. So when the opportunity came up for Natalia to co-design an outfit in line with Katya’s brand – dressing for the modern independent woman, Natalia added her pop culture spicy style to complete this duo that have already started making their mark in Dubai’s fashion circuit.



The results – a hot pink ‘scuba inspired’ A-line dress perfect for any occasion.

Now why I am writing about this collaboration is because Katya’s designs are affordable.

For example, this black dress that Natalia wore to the launch of Toko Dubai can be customised made for you at a price of US$500. Natalia had comments throughout the evening if it was D&G, or Valentino. Tell me where you can pick up a custom made designer piece for this price?


Katya’s designs are versatile and evolving with her recent collection – limited edition tunics and kaftans.


She is one designer every Dubai girl should invest in at least one ‘head turning’ piece.

Back to Natalia’s pink ‘scuba’ dress… her design collaboration has resulted in Katya filling order requests.

Contact Natalia through the Facebook page for more details on price and orders:

Instagram: @shoestovainstyle @katyakovtunovich @funfilsdays

Least this dress has brightened up my Sunday 🙂



About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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