More to Exploring Karama then bags, watches and sunglasses.

Will give you good price madam…
So I have arrived back home in Australia for a week and before I came my sisters asked me only for pashminas as you can not get them here or if you can they cost a fortune. I always buy my pashminas in a small souvenir store in Karama. He’s located right In the hustling heart of fake shops. He has a great range of fabrics, table cloths, pashminas etc and his are priced depending on the quality – They have ones for 10aed to the more expensive 50aed. Yet still a fraction of the price any other commercial store in Dubai.
After living in Dubai for so long I’ve gone past the souvenir buying for my family but this time the store had the cutest stuff that was perfect for gifts without looking like the commercial souvenirs found in the malls.
So I got some of these bowls made of recycled paper and the cute camel hangers in bright colours for maybe use for Christmas or on the deck.
Bowls were 10ed. I am even going to go back for myself to use for keys or coins in my house. You can bargain him also if you buy a lot.

I don’t remember his store name but he’s located in the main cluster of karama – yahala restaurant on your left , turn right and cluster left – stand alone store on the corner.



About fun fils days

A 30 something singleton dating in the desert. Makeup artist. Searching for happiness and that perfect lip colour.
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