Seeing Red

How good it is to genuinely smile for the camera? This year has been one year of happiness, sadness, happiness, sadness. I fall in love, my heart breaks. I’m the happiest when I’m single! How good of a feeling is that.


I’ve stopped trying now, I’ve turned into a bitch. But every now and then I give love a chance again. Thursday morning I get a message from a number not in my phone book.

“Hi Kate, you don’t know me but I feel like I know you because someone talks about you all the time to me”. “You are going through some issues so I want to help because you make him happy”.

It’s a friend of the sweet guy I spoke about before…. he went MIA on me. Anyway his friend surprised him and took me to his place so he had no choice but to talk to me. Had the best night out chilling, playing pool and talking.  So he’s back in my life again. A little busy to make me a priority but he’s interesting and fun and always have a good time when I’m with him. Let’s see.

Look from the weekend:

Twofaced Cosmetics – eyeshadow / Dark Purple, Pinks and green blended

Sleek Nude Lipstick over the top of brown lip liner.

Namshi bodysuit



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How to catch a Catfish

So I caught my first ever live catfish awhile ago. This article is about: How to not waste more then 30 minutes of your energy if you have doubts at all you are being catfished.

I’m not new to Tinder and let’s just say Tinder in Dubai is so hard to find anyone you even willing to press on, you’d have better luck finding a cool mil from Escobar’s hidden stash then you would to get a decent man from Dubai Tinder. That’s an article for another time.

On my Tinder profile, I’m pretty straight up and real what I want. Guys tell me here in Dubai 99% of girls on there are hookers (hey least they can put Social Media expert up on their LinkedIn Profile) so I want to be obvious I’m not a hooker and got my own life going on. I also link to my Instagram on there to authenticate myself. I do look different in so many photos so I try to downplay that before meeting anyone to just make sure they don’t have high expectations – I’m just really photogenic (well I am). And I am a makeup artist so yes the photos look different every time. And I know my angles (well, I’m a girl duh).

Here is me in a totally different look to my day to day – full curls and makeup. And, well you guys have seen me without makeup so you get why men are dubious when they meet me after seeing so many different looks.

IMG_5657 (1)_edited

Small curling wand to create messy curls

So I tend to do my research pretty quick when I come across a guy’s profile that catches my eye – In Dubai this is rare. If his looks, job or personality is too good to be true, then most likely he is.

Take my Catfish – Pete from London.

Pete was in town on important property project at The Atlantis (ok this story added up). Pete was Jamaican but British born and bred (this added up as well as he knew way to much about his Jamaican heritage). Very quickly we moved off Tinder onto Whatsap and his profile photo was of a boring landscape (first red flag but it can pass).  As soon as he got my Whatsap he removed me from Tinder (another red flag). I was too quick for him on this one though and had already took a screenshot of his profile before he deleted me.

The week went on and we began talking more and more… getting to know each other daily through voice notes, messages, skype to then adding on Instagram and Snap (all of it!). So many red flags here though I will explain below.

We once spoke on the phone for over an hour. After that phone call, I realized this guy was way too good to be true:  Smart, successful, wealthy, sexy, fit, well traveled, chasing after me, caring, thoughtful, ambitious, my age, good star sign, sending memes, never been married, no kids.

I asked for pictures: He said “yeah well i dropped my phone remember so i have to get home and find some, maybe I will send one from when I was in Jamaica”. *He sent another a few hours later.

I got off the phone from him and started asking some basic questions about his instagram, snap etc and my gut feeling was – he’s not who he saying he is.

Speaking to my best friend about our long conversation we had and how lovely he is, she said: just google image search him like Niev does on Catfish. And there we go…. BOOM! Say hello to Dexter Strickland of North Carolina Basketball Team…

Image result for basketball dexter strickland

Dexter Strickland NOT Pete from London

Damn I felt like a fool. But worse… spent at least a week of energy, time and getting to know someone that was CATFISHING me!

I messaged him straight away…. “Why are you catfishing me Pete? Time to fess up”.

Nothing. No answer, no explanation, nothing. To this day, I will never get my truth with that one. It’s never been about looks with me so I wish he just came clean or gave me something so I could have made my own decision up. Not just ignore me. I felt violated that someone knew so much about me yet I knew nothing about them.  Creepy feeling… anyway so here is some basic signs you can look out for, or save yourself a whole lot of time and just google image search from the beginning (trust your instinct)!

  • Add him on whatsap and see the picture (ask him for his number first)
  • Open your snap to ‘quick adds’ and see what name comes up as his Snap, before he tells you a fake account to add
  • Take screen shot of your tinder match (this is good to do anyway to remember basic info)
  • Instagram or no Instagram (I’ve got so many instagram stories that’s for next time)
  • Ask for a picture and see how long he takes to send it
  • Skype with video (applies only if he’s long distance)

Can the real Dexter Strickland please stand up? No seriously… where is this guy at.





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Continuous Change

The best thing about makeup is you can always change…your look, your face – hell girls are walking around the middle east all looking like a different person of themselves but all morphing into the damn same. Their idols are arabic makeup bloggers and The Kardashians – and they are a copy/paste of these women. It’s really rare to find a girl that is all natural, or unheard of – no makeup!

As you can see from my new photos compared to the old me –  the last year I’ve gone through a lot of change.

My makeup is different. I’ve lost weight. My hair is lighter and longer. I got myself a personal trainer (best money ever spent actually) and built my booty into what now is ‘in’ for girls to have. I’m curvy – but in the right places and I’ve got new found attention… which is why I come to the change in this blog… yes I’m still going to do my makeup looks, and where I recommend to go out and about in an evening. But this time things are going to get a little raw – I’m going to write about dating in Dubai. How I met them, what happened and the lesson I learnt from each.

October was a really hard month for me so I’m going to start with this. I felt like these guys were running around playing trick or treat on me from October 1st.

Within a period of one month:

  • Fell for what would be the man of my dreams only to find out later he was married with kids
  • Had my heart broken by a guy I was flying to see on the regular, even considering introducing him to my family
  • Sabotaged a relationship I was trying to start by a series of bad choices on my part
  • Had started a deep emotional connection with a…yes you guessed it – Married Guy
  • Catfished big time by a guy from London
  • Had a sweet guy was dating for awhile go MIA on me
  • Old flames, exes, random guys never even been with start popping up out of the blue (with my theory of Winter Thirst, but that’s another story)

The easiest story to start off my new found blog genre is the Catfish story. How to spot one, how to avoid it and stop wasting your time early on. So that is for tomorrow.

For today, here is my new makeup look that I tend to stick with most days as a quick and easy look:


Eyes: Lashes, black eyeliner Maybelline

Lips: ‘Barely There’ by Sleek and brown liner by Primark or any drugstore brand

Face: M.A.C Foundation & Blush, Makeup Forever Contour


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Lipstick day

I can’t wait to try a couple of good products (from reviews) in the market for lips: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and Huda Beauty Lip Contour.

They also aren’t cheap and easy to get, so in the meantime here is a look I did with drugstore lip products. I copied Khloe Kardashians makeup look of pinks, see her lips? She’s used brown nude pencil around and pink inside.


I used brown liquid lip liner from revlon and pink Sephora pencil inside.

Eyes: two face palette Browns and baby pinks. I love this look, next time I will wear fake lashes and make my lips even bigger with a different liner, love Browns and pinks together.

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Raising the Bar on EYEBROWS

I love my eyebrows and one thing as a makeup artist is I always look at girls eyebrows, the wonderful thing is you can fake them to you make them – I think a lot easier then contouring to “hide” things, eyebrows you just play draw them in.
Check out before photo, still in great shape the eyebrows lack the thickness and one thing I will never have is eyebrow line all the way down to the edge:


no makeup



Starting the skin routine

For eyebrows if you starting out basic makeup just fill in what you already have with an angle eyeliner brush. Don’t go outside the lines just fill in the brow and only go outside the lines when you need to make sure the eyebrow is in angle with end of your eye like this:


Hold your finger or a brush to give you the end of where your eyebrow line should finish.

Products: here is also a tip that no makeup brand would want you to do: you can use your eyeshadow for your eyebrow.. No need to buy eyebrow only liner or pencil, what ever you use in your makeup bag can double up for your eyebrows, for instance I use MAC  black eyeshadow here for my brows. For clients with brown brows or light brows I even use my contour powder kit…

out for the night

Start practicing happy brow-ing xxx



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Perfect at Per Te- Breakfast under 30aed 

Stumbled across this breakfast special in Bay Avenue Mall. I loveeee breakfast and for 30aed you couldn’t get this anywhere else for this quality.



Your choice of egg and coffee for 28aed

Also sandwich and coffee or healthy choice offers which all fall under 30aed.

Coffee is lovely and it’s not just your run of the mill eggs, scrambled eggs it’s light fluffy, seasoned well with chives.
Presentation is goregous Instagram worthy pics and quite nice to treat someone or family for breakfast as will set you back little over 100aed. Don’t take my word for it, try it for 30aed, best value so far in Bay Avenue for breakfast.

Per Te Restaurant, Bay Avenue Mall – Executive Towers, Business Bay Dubai

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Dermologica Facial Review 

I went to the actual Dermologica Clinic in Cambodia two years ago and then one year ago was a facial done here in Dubai. That’s the extent of my face care outside the products I use at home! I do look after my skin at home because how easy I suffer from acne and pigmentation, so always base up every day with a face sunscreen and face moisturizer but I thought the damage is already done as still suffer from pigmentation on my forehead and have bad skin every now and then from stress, bad eating, alcohol etc etc.

Tried and tested Dermologica Facial at Cut Above Salon Dubai: Yvonne was the skin expert who did my facial. She was so lovely and very professional and I was so surprised (pleasantly) to know she has been in the same salon since 1992!

Ok so dealing with an expert here not like other salons she also wasn’t pushy with me buying products, she genuinely wanted to fix my skin and speaking honestly said other then the pigmentation and the chin breakouts my skin was in good condition – phew.

Here is some pics before and after to see the difference and in two weeks will go back for a mini facial to see if it really has calmed down and over time Yvonne said the pigmentation can fade so will keep you  updated on the process.





Inflammation is gone and looks a lot fresher…  It was a nice treat for myself as it very relaxing and my face was congested so needed a deep cleanse.

I spend so much on beauty and hair why shouldn’t I on my face? It’s the one that needs to last the distance :p

This whole last week my face felt better even when I put on makeup which I do everyday. Will show next time the makeup look I’ve done to help cover the dark circles.

Deep Cleansing starting at 350aed

Mini Facial starting at 280aed

Cut Above Salon, Jumeirah Center, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai UAE T. 04 344 6444

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Makeup Correction – the base 

I’ve posted before how bad my skin gets, my new makeup mirror doesn’t do me any favors makeup free… Yikes


Forget pimples my real problem is inflammation dry scabs that I’ve picked the pimples… I also don’t like wearing a lot of makeup in the day in the heat. So base counts here’s what I did here.


after coverup

Cleanse and tone, Moisturizer then base with Benefit pore primer … It primes as well as silks over the scab parts. Then the red parts … I’ve shown before using the Napolean Colour corrector but you can use any brand Colour corrector. (Green for red marks)

Foundation HD Makeup Forever covers and I also use that brand in contour. MAC powder to set in the heat.

Quick day makeup covering up my horrible skin. Also first before and after using my new mirror!

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IKEA makeup vanity 

So excited after years as a makeup artist I have finally sorted out a vanity.
The whole thing cost me under 500aed from ikea:  

1.Small desk with drawer to keep all the makeup. 170aed 

2. mirror square (60cm same as the lights) 30aed

3.vanity lights – 3 strips , 60cm length (most expensive at 95aed a strip) 

The lights are the best for doing makeup. Will post after this before and after my first makeup look at the vanity. Unless you know an electrician then you do need someone to wire it for you, luckily that comes quite cheap in Dubai and I can dismantle it if I ever move. 

Happy IKEAing xxx 

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With the recent award win for Tribeca at the Timeout Food Awards (best bar food category) it’s time I posted this from my visit the other week of this amazing NYC kitchen and bar in the heart of JBR. 
I’ve been slow at writing the review as how can you write a review without good pictures of food? The reason being the place is so dark and cosy (old movies playing) none of my shots turned out or do the plates justice. 

This place is amazing – food especially. Organic is the menu theme which is quite unique in a bar and very affordable. All the items highlighted in green are organic.

 Two ways it could work – share lots of appetizers and snacks – think spicy prawns, brushetta or a main meals – pasta, grills, burgers. 
We tried the burger, spicy prawns, ravioli and gnocchi. 

delcious prawns

Wow! The burger was written in green on the menu therefore every item was organic and you could taste it.

And the dessert – chocolate molten cake, 40aed and worth every dirham. 

chocolate molten cake

Atmosphere: Jaws the movie was playing on the large screen in the dining area, DJ playing and a busy after work crowd at the bar area (it was Thursday) and eclectic art and furniture. I like the fact it was just all different groups and people enjoying their night. 

Funfilsdays: Wednesday is ladies night and happy hour every day.

Affordable yummy food, drinks and NYC vibe in the heart of JBR. I will be back. Tribeca Kitchen and Bar, JA Ocean View Hotel – JBR#TribecaDubai


every day everyday


me trying to be cool


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